Verlag G. Köhn e. K.

Verlag G. Köhn e. K.

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Printing and Publishing

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Verlag G. Köhn e. K.



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Verlag G. Köhn e. K.
Hans-Sachs-Str. 3
905 62

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Relaxation massages

Javan royal relaxation massages. A selection of procedures: Mustika therapy using volcanic stones, Javan relaxation massage, Javan skin revitalisation cure, reflexology, chest treatment, hair nutrition and hair skin treatment, relaxation massages of head and shoulders.

Production of bigboards

Production of bigboards in dimensions 3,6 x 9,6 m. The upper steel structure is formed by the basic support grid for advertising sheet clamping. Production of bigboards – the basic part of a steel structure is a backbone main support. Crossbeams and vertical supports are connected to this support.

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